Membership in the MLLOA is open to any life lease complex on approval of an application for membership and payment of a small membership fee.

Click on the "Membership Application Form" below for more information. The membership fee is $50.00 annually per complex.

   An active and sizeable membership gives MLLOA a strong voice and impact when negotiating with government or other groups about legislation, regulations, information distribution and other initiatives. It is important to current residents of MLLOA facilities providing them with access to current information, issues affecting them directly, alerts over potential problems and other items. It also allows the Association to provide some level of social interaction among life lease occupants from different life lease facilities.

   Membership also gives the Association the resources and credibility to provide information to potential tenants of Life Lease buildings. There is no consistency in the way Life Leases are managed or in the policies relating to many critical aspects of tenancy. The Association, primarily through its website, can provide important information about these differences and how they may affect future and current tenants.


To enquire about membership for your Life Lease Building, contact:

Jerry Kies, Member Recruitment Phone: 204-990-8053 Email:



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Dave Kennedy, President

Phone: 204-489-2838



Gilbert Robin, Vice President

Phone: 204-299-9502




Jerry Kies, Member Recruitment

Phone: 204-990-8053



Mary Lou McGurran, Treasurer

Phone: 204-999-8470


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