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After a number of exploratory discussions at meetings of life lease tenants, it was thought useful to form an association to consider various legal issues presented by The Life Leases Act and Regulations affecting life leases, consider policies followed by the Residential Tenancies Branch, and policies adopted in the different complexes regarding governance, management, and individual policies and practices.

   The Manitoba Life Lease Occupants' Association is an unincorporated entity that came into being on October 4, 2005. Its membership is comprise of tenant organizations in life lease complexes who have joined together for the purposes of education, monitoring laws and policies affecting life lease properties, and to provide a resource for tenant concerns.

Mission Statement

The Manitoba Life Lease Occupants Association's goal is to foster and support Cooperative endeavours among Life Lease complexes in Manitoba


  • To monitor proposed legislative changes affecting life leases.
  • To educate occupants on their rights and obligations as occupants.
  • To organize assistance for members; consider problems arising among occupants and formulate possible solutions or remedies to effect economies of scale for the benefit of all.
  • To encourage occupants to develop their skills, to share in the work of the Association.
  • To provide information and other assistance to occupants.
  • To lobby governments for policies and laws that are in the best interest of occupants.
  • To advocate in support of member interests as a group.

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